Our Coaching and Mentoring Approach

At Opportunity Inc., our mission is to deliver top-tier classroom and in-the-field coaching and mentoring to students engaged in vocational programs. We recognize the significance of reinforcing classroom learning with real-world applications. Our expert coaches meticulously align with the course syllabus, ensuring students continually practice and apply their newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios.

Our commitment to personalized support, constructive feedback, and abundant practice opportunities safeguards against the loss of valuable skills due to a lack of coaching, feedback, and practical application. We are dedicated to nurturing the success of students across diverse vocational classes.

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Coaching Process

Our coaching process at Opportunity Inc. is thoughtfully crafted to optimize the reinforcement of students' skills. We employ a comprehensive coaching approach involving structured steps to ensure the effective application of classroom learning in real-world contexts.

In 2016, Opportunity Inc. trained a team comprised of teens and young adults to conduct a community needs assessment survey to see how we could achieve maximum social impact with our flagship residential construction training program, titled , “From the Ground Up “ for future generations. The survey results were profound and led to the expansion of our flagship program into the four unique programs that we currently offer.

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Below are the training programs we provide. To access a comprehensive syllabus, kindly get in touch with us.

Handyman Training with Licensure

Our Handyman Training program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip aspiring handymen with both technical skills and business expertise. Participants will receive training in a wide range of tasks, including plumbing and HVAC troubleshooting, enabling them to proficiently address household maintenance needs. The program encompasses hands-on sessions, workshops, and evaluations for a well-rounded learning experience. Additionally, participants will gain insights into launching their own Handyman business.

Course highlights:

Module 1: Introduction to Handyman Services
Module 2: Tool Mastery
Module 3: Carpentry and Plumbing Skills
Module 4: Electrical and Painting Skills
Module 5: Home Maintenance and Security
Module 6: Advanced Handyman Business Skills
Module 7: Practical Workshops

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Construction Project Management Training

Our Construction Project Manager Training Program provides an in-depth journey into construction project management. Spanning four modules, participants will delve into the intricacies of the construction industry, the pivotal role of project managers, strategies for team assembly, and the significance of meticulous oversight and documentation. This course is enriched with scenario-based exercises, interactive activities, and rigorous assessments, guaranteeing a well-rounded learning experience.

Course highlights:

Module 1: Understanding the Construction Industry
Module 2: The Role of a Construction Project Manager
Module 3: Project Manager's Role in Team Assembly
Module 4: Oversight and Documentation

Life Skills Training

This encompasses a range of interpersonal and intrapersonal attributes essential for the effective navigation of workplace challenges. These attributes include communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

Course highlights:

Module 1: Interpersonal Skills Development
Module 2: Professional Conduct and Etiquette

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Engagement with Vocational and Career & Technical Education Schools

Revolutionizing Vocational Education
We collaborate with vocational schools to provide students with essential workforce skills and hands-on experience.

Framework for Excellence: Coaching, Soft Skills and Real/World Skills Development for Students and Construction Professionals

Blueprint to Brilliance: Life Skills Program for Construction Careers after High School

Building the Future: Unveiling the Critical Role of the Construction Industry and Crafting Effective Project Design and Management Plans